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    Semi-Private aquatic classes for all levels including therapeutic oriented rehab.


    Good for all ages addressing water acclimation to stroke development.


    With video analysis, we break down your stroke and identify areas in need of improvement.


We toxin free maintenance for our water with a state of the art UV & Ozone combination system for your health and safety. In our intimate spa setting with ideal temperatures and an altered current. Therapeutically design and innovative equipment adjust to your comfort and ability. Warm water is conducive to working your joints and muscles at 85 and 90 degrees. Help yourself to our complimentary towels and toxin free products as you shower. Happily Handicap accessible!


  • I had the pleasure of having Courtney McLaurin work with me on my swimming techniques during her visit to me in Japan. In 2015 I had two back surgeries that have greatly impeded my physical activity. Through Courtney's advice I have been able to get back into swimming and in a way that promotes my physical health and prevents future injury. I would highly recommend Courtney as a coach for injury recovery and stroke technique
    -Virginia L.
  • Courtney is a terrific coach that clearly enjoys working with youth and seeing them improve their skills. Her dedication exemplifies an outstanding community member that has passion in learning techniques that help young people succeed. My daughter enjoyed spending time in the pool with Courtney and gave her a perspective that made swimming fun and yet still competitive. Swimming is a valuable sport that everyone can do at almost any age which leads to a healthier lifestyle. We need more coaches like Courtney who can get more people interested in the sport of swimming.
    -Christine J.
  • This massage feels different than a regular one. I feel so loose yet so energized.
    -Sue C.
  • My neck feels like after I go to the chiropractor, that kind of range of motion.
    -Matt M.
  • These are the best lessons with the fastest results I have ever seen.
    -Amy R.
  • I can go to the pool now with my kids and not freak out!
    -Bethany C.

Don't be intimidated, by body image or ability levels, with such a small group your personal goals are known and honored in a supportive environment.


We are here to serve you and meet your personal goals
because it should be all about you!