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About Us

It Began as a Passion for All Things Water

Courtney McLaurin

Courtney grew up as a competitive swimmer in Northern Virginia. She competed in all strokes and distances breaking most of her records as a junior swimmer in breaststroke and butterfly.

As Courtney’s life turned to coaching and development, she traveled the world working with age group swimmers from the highly touted Alamo Area Aquatics Club in San Antonio and military families on bases throughout Europe and Asia. She has developed stroke technique training for elite tri-athletes as well as Navy Seals. Her methodologies maximizing their muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance are still mainstays of tri-athletes and Navy swimmers and divers today. It is not common to see a swim coach turn to the Rehabilitation but the joy of water in her life drives her to help others find all it’s amazing qualities. “If I flipped all I knew about water from coaching I could use it to help people heal on so many levels. It’s exhilarating to see!”

Our Pool

Our Temperature

We can vary the temperature to fit the workout and goals of our clients. For example, indoor pool temperatures can vary from 75 to 85 degrees. For our infant or arthritis classes, we can set a temperature at the ideal 85 to 90 degrees to ensure best acclimation and movement with the least amount of discomfort.

Our Chemicals

Our chemical demands are next to nothing with our facility being indoors and seeing only a fraction of your public pool use. Therefore, we offer the most environmentally friendly and healthy option. A standard pool is on a constant circulation of chlorine levels throughout the day taking little account for use or loads. Ours only adds chlorine as needed and the most mild form is distributed only after hours. The difference you will see in your hair, skin and eyes will only emphasize the internal value of this aquatic exercise model.

Our Private and Semi-Private Classes

One benefit of our Private to Semi-Private classes, you can hear us! No more reading lips over that echo as you tread water. This means closer proximity with your instructor, making it easier for them to keep you doing the moves correctly and safely. With such a small class you will notice a personal training approach for aquatic fitness that is breaking ground in the overall fitness industry. We get to know you as you blast through your goals and challenges to create even more! This environment will build your physical being as well as your confidence in all areas…spa meets workout!”