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Courtney McLaurinCourtney grew up as a competitive swimmer in Northern Virginia. She competed in all strokes and distances breaking most of her records as a junior swimmer in breaststroke and butterfly.

As Courtney’s life turned to coaching and development, she traveled the world working with age group swimmers from the highly touted Alamo Area Aquatics Club in San Antonio and military families on bases throughout Europe and Asia. She has developed stroke technique training for elite tri-athletes as well as Navy Seals. Her methodologies maximizing their muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance are still mainstays of tri-athletes and Navy swimmers and divers today. It is not common to see a swim coach turn to the Rehabilitation but the joy of water in her life drives her to help others find all it’s amazing qualities. “If I flipped all I knew about water from coaching I could use it to help people heal on so many levels. It’s exhilarating to see!”

The physics of how our bodies respond to water’s supportive resistance, healing and restorative qualities has been the source of Courtney’s continuing education and professional development. All of it blended into each class or one on one.

On top of her over 15 years of experience she carries many certifications and trainings. Not limited to water, she has the unique ability to bring land methodologies to the aquatic setting. Certified with the Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute as an Aquatic Therapist with Myofascial Release. Certified Aquatic Exercise Professional with the AEA. Trained with Aquatic Therapy University covering spine, rotator cuff and special needs children; Linda Huey: Aquatic Rehabilitation for Olympians; Israel’s Forerunner Caroline Barmatz  in Post-Traumatic Stress and Reducing Opiate Dependency applications; Upledger Institute Cranial Sacral. Ever the coach she remains current in American Swim Coaches Association Level 3, USA Swimming Coach, US Masters Swimming Level 2, USMS Adult Learn to Swim.

Our desire at Evergreen Swims is to provide a unique, personalized fitness and training center for the Denver Metro Area and Mountain Communities.

We welcome everyone from children discovering water, ALL ages learning to swim, special needs, people challenged by gravity, those rehabilitating injuries, elite athletes, competitive swimmers to our safe and comfortable environment. We look forward to personally transforming your awareness of water, health and wellness while continuing our community leadership in the Evergreen and surrounding Mountain Communities.


We are here to serve you and meet your personal goals
because it should be all about you!