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Increases Lung Capacity:

As we get older our lung capacity goes down making pneumonia more common in older populations. Building heart and lungs at once makes you a powerhouse for your golden years.

Joint Saver:

By doing moves you are familiar with, and some you are not, without the gravity of land your joints can handle more so you can continue to progress injury free and notice that translating to your land training as well.

Water Resistance works your muscle on action and recovery:

You are affected by water surrounding you in every direction, making each movement in every plane resisted. In water you can avoid gravity and utilize buoyancy to work muscles safely. But it’s not only about rehab. You will build strength and endurance in a short time. We use our unique current to challenge you further creating a hardcore workout without the risk. This expedites your return to similar land based activities not only keeping you from further muscle loss but building those surrounding and complimentary muscles as well. Many insurance companies are no longer covering aquatic therapy so it’s harder to find a facility to gain such benefits. That is why we work with your PT or Doctor to offer you this option.



A better start for you and your baby. Whether you are a regular or new to exercise this class will ease labor, delivery and post-partum recovery. Increase energy, strength and flexibility. Stretch and extend those areas that are tightening up as you practice relaxation.

  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Utilize resistance and work against buoyancy to get a muscle challenging cardio workout. Start your or end day right with this option that is light on the joints but not on the effort!

Ai Chi & Ai Chi Ne:

Experience greater movement with hydrostatic pressure massage while you practice a form of relaxation and awareness familiar to Tai Chi. We will stretch and breathe into deeper poses than you can reach on land while keeping your joints safe and warm.

Arthritis Release:

In warm water we increase the synovial fluid to joints allowing them maximal benefit of relief from gravity. Strengthening without weights or impact decreases stress in the joints. Reduced swelling, pain management and increased proprioception benefits your total body and improves your posture.

 Breast Cancer, Athletic & Running Recovery:

Active communities necessitate rehab at some time or other. If you are just recovering from an injury and need a break from gravity for an extra push back to normal this is for you.  There are many levels of comfort and confidence involved in recovering so we cover not only physical but the whole you in this intimate atmosphere. Be sure to ask your PT or Dr. before signing up. We are trained to coordinate with them as well as facilitate treatment programs.

Adoption and Special Needs Bonding:

It’s not only parents and tots who can glean the bonding benefits of water. Our atmosphere lends itself to defenses coming down and relaxation as you depend on each other more and more using two person maneuvers. A child any age will reach for someone in the water, we let that be you and the results are magical.

 Knee Hab, Back Hab & Hip Hab:

Specific training with Linda Huey and Dr. Klapper, MD for knee, back or hip rehabilitation after replacement, injury, pre and post surgery. If you “tweaked” your knee, need to retrain that hip or regain posture this is the class for you to facilitate movement and heal faster. We are trained to coordinate with your Dr. or healthcare provider as well as facilitate treatment programs.

Balance, Memory, Movement & Stretch:

Your brain is especially receptive when your body is in water. Unpredictable Command Technique and Bioexercise have done wonders for memory increase as well as balance but this is just one of the techniques we utilize alongside Ai Chi, Yoga, and much more that will surprise you. Fall prevention, early stage Alzheimers and Parkinson’s will benefit greatly from this group setting option.


Yes, running in the water! Great for increasing lung capacity, O2 absorption, giving your joints a break or recovering/preventing injury. Our pool current promises to kick your bubbles! Keep up your conditioning during and after injury. Many professional athletes utilize this approach while training through injury or to increase their time/pace on land.

Cardio & Core::

Explore the power of the water with greater Range of Motion with this upbeat and complete workout. Core is our greatest stabilizing force so keep it strong as we not only use the resistance of the water but all our fun “toys” as well to work you in all planes with a Cardio blast! Fall prevention is important at any age, start now.


Please understand that due to our small size we are unable to refund missed classes or sessions. We will do our best to offer make up classes on weekends once per month depending on staff availability.


    $20 per class

    $75/4 pack

    $145/8 pack

    2 mo. expiration

    $215/12 pack

    $280/16 pack

    3 mo. expiration




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