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Aquatic Rehabilitation


Gravity Free:

You can work muscles that have been weakened on land due to injury.

Personalized for you:

With your Physical therapist we develop an optimal plan

Compression Bandage Effect:

Hydrostatic pressure reduces swelling, increases circulation and expands lung capacity on land by working the muscles in the chest cavity.

Pre‐surgery Training:

It’s important to rebuild and/or keep muscle memory. We favor the injury. However, in water, with the help of buoyancy, we can fire up muscles you have not been able to use and prepare them for a speedier post‐surgery recovery or better yet avoid surgery altogether!


With the assistance of buoyancy you don’t have to be afraid of falling so you can fine‐tune balance.

Senses are dulled:

Your reticular system is at rest in water dulling muscle pain allowing for fuller range of motion.

Improved Circulation:

Our warmer water increases circulation promoting healing and oxygen rich movements to your limbs.


Currents naturally created along with water molecules surrounding you is a natural massage in itself, and we can create increased results for problem area.


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-These sessions include Aquatic massage, assisted movement one on one, incorporating Bag Ragaz, Watsu, Aqua Stretch, PNF, Burdenko to name a few.-You get exclusive attention and guidance that you experienced at Physical Therapy.

-We move at your pace
-Privacy is a benefit for you and we appreciate that it’s needed at times.

-Option for video to share with your PT or Doctor.

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-No more than 4 to a group.-Get to know others at similar stages with similar injuries.

-Offerings such as Core and Balance, KneeHab, Arthritis and Functional Aging, Pilates, AiChi, Athletic Rehab, Corrective Exercise, Random Command Technique.
-Learn from others experiences in your semi‐private setting.
-Be motivated and inspired working in a close knit small group.
-You’ll be closely connected to our trained staff during the class.

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