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Benefits – Adults

Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

Increased Lung Capacity
As we get older our lung capacity goes down making pneumonia more common in older populations. Building heart and lungs at once makes you a powerhouse for your golden years.

Joint Saver
By doing moves you are familiar with, and some you are not, without the gravity of land your joints can handle more so you can continue to progress injury free and notice that translating to your land training as well.

Water Resistance: Works Your Muscle on Action and Recovery
You are affected by water surrounding you in every direction, making each movement in every plane resisted. In the water, you can avoid gravity and utilize buoyancy to work muscles safely. But it’s not only about rehab. You will build strength and endurance in a short time. We use our unique current to challenge you further creating a hardcore workout without the risk. This expedites your return to similar land-based activities not only keeping you from further muscle loss but building those surrounding and complimentary muscles as well. Many insurance companies are no longer covering aquatic therapy so it’s harder to find a facility to gain such benefits. That is why we work with your PT or Doctor to offer you this option.

Learning to Swim as an Adult

There are many reasons people do not learn to swim until they are adults, and there are many reasons to learn. You may have a desire to enjoy the water sports Colorado has to offer, take the grandkids to the pool without fear, or just feel safer around the water and have the confidence that you know how to swim.

We have classes to fit every ability level, tempered with an intimate setting to keep you safe, accountable, and motivated. Our pool is able to vary in temperature to optimize your goals. We use the United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Adult Learn to Swim: This program was developed by USMS for those who have had traumatic experiences or never learned to swim.