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Learn to Swim – Benefits for Kids

Vision for kids and the water:

We’re not just a swim school. Traditional swim skills are one of many goals for your child here at Evergreen Swims. We introduce a lifetime of swim relationship with the water that will inhabit 70% of the earth and 100% of the lives of our clients. We don’t see our only goal to get kids from A to B in water. We educate them using our unique approach and facility to foster a confidence in the water as we teach basic swimming skills.

Foundation of Breathing:

This is what all things build upon. We must learn to go against our instinct when our foot hits the water from reactionary breathing (similar to panic) to relaxed breathing. Evergreen Swims will foster this in varying water conditions. We will stick with breathing until it’s mastered in the unpredictable settings we create and go back to it each lesson.

Progress Measured:

We gauge skills from new to learning to mastery! “New” relates to introducing and explaining, “learning” is trial and error and “mastery” is witnessing confidence when our water is unpredictable. These are the bricks we use to progress to greater challenges and press into new places the kids are ready to go.

How Long?

On average a child takes anywhere from 12 weeks to one year depending on how they take to the water. Comparing or limiting your child will create a stress around swimming and could interfere with progress. Remember all children are unique. How many classes per week and home follow up will be indicators, as well. We are not just teaching them to go from A to B but a life skill. Our approach that swim lessons are not just another sport or activity, but a lifelong gift of the skills to not only “manage” water but to love it.


With our Swim for Life Program, your child learns how water works. Why do I float? Why do I sink? How does water act when it’s restricted, like in a river? How do I respond in open water and why? Water is healing, calming, so giving them a “gift” of water is what we strive to do. A relationship is developed with water that they can build on for a lifetime.