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FAQ – Kids

Kids 1, Kids 2, Kids 3…What?!

Our classes ambiguous for a reason as we like to keep things organic placing kids where we feel they will best succeed and continue loving the water. We don’t believe in committing a child to a class for a time period or level goal. This means we can fluidly move them from one to another without the restraints traditional swim programs have. We find this has hit the mark for progress with all our clients.

What makes us different?

Our classes are heavily focused on real life water situations. Think of it this way, if we can get your child swimming to floating on their back that is great! If they can now do that with in a current then we feel they are really safe for our Colorado surroundings. We educate kids about the dynamics of water to the point where one kid said, “This is like my science class!”

Can I try out a class?

Yes! Contact us at evergreenswims@gmail.com and we will assess where your child is to place you into an opening. The limit is one free trail class per child and must be scheduled in advance.

What forms does my child need?

We must have a Health History and Release Form completed for your child to join or try a class.

What to expect?

Fun! We supply a towel and bathing products for you to use. Kids don’t like getting out so be prepared to help when the lesson is done.
When you arrive, have your child rinsed off and ready at their lesson time. This means bathroom taken care of, goggles adjusted and blow their nose!

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

This is independent for each child. Some take to the water immediately, others are more cautious depending on age, parent’s reactions and previous experiences. Consistency is the key. Don’t start lessons until you can commit to making classes and working the skills outside of class. In general, 12 weeks is minimum. If you have travel or specific goals we have plans to see results sooner or lessons for snorkel trips, etc..
We see the answer to this question differently than most swim schools. Our short answer is: When your goals are met.


If there is a fear of the water we have to do some one on one work to overcome that. We take this very seriously so we will come up with a plan that works best but please know we cannot simply add them to a class and expect to see progress until it is overcome.

How do you handle make up classes?

To keep our classes at the level you should expect and due to our small size, we cannot promise make ups so, as of June 1, 2018 …
Please note our Cancellation Policy and reach out if you have any questions.
To be consistent with our heart to serve you:

  • ONE make up day per month, which will now incorporate all missed classes whether it is Privates, Semi-privates or Classes.
  • Times will be scheduled in half hour segments and spots limited. Email us to reserve.
  • These make up days will accommodate illnesses, recitals, vacations, snow days, etc.
  • Semi-Private or Private No shows will not be eligible for reschedule

Structure of Make-up sessions: Staff will work on skills with over four kids in the pool at a time. Please note: make up sessions will not be a structured class and will not accommodate your Private or Semi-Private expectations.
Please respect our policy and try to make your scheduled class on a regular basis to keep our small school a giant success.

How much notice do I need to withdraw and cancel auto-pay?

2 weeks and if it is in the middle of the auto-pay cycle we do not refund or prorate. This will allow us to come to closure on our lessons with your child and process payment cancellation.

What can I do to save my spot if we have to go away and want to suspend auto-pay?

We cannot save spots as out place is small and we have wait-lists. Your best option is to stop auto-pay and go off schedule and see what is available when you can commit.

What does save the ducks mean?

You’ll have to come and find out!

What about holidays or months with 5 classes?

Please see our fee as monthly not weekly. This will encompass months with more or less than our average 4 weeks. We do not guarantee a certain amount of classes per month.