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Stroke Technique

Video Stroke Analysis:

This technology allows you to see what your coach sees and even review it in slow motion. You can also compare it to that Olympian you watched on YouTube. With a swim-in-place facility such as ours we can start and stop you more often immediately offering you way more feedback and correction per session than would be possible in a lap pool. We can also alter the current to stress your stroke and bring out your weaknesses when you are tired before you even hit that point. Finally, we offer you a realistic open water session with waves rolling towards you as you work on placement, breathing and visualizing.


Stroke Technique:

As you swim in place, the visual and verbal feedback is immediate, utilizing our video footage. Each session you’ll receive a copy to take to your swim coach or use poolside for your workouts. You will leave with a clear visual and plan for improving your open water times and preventing injury. This technique fits in perfectly with your busy training schedule to capitalize efficiency.